Automatic Scrubbing


Products: Marbalex® (Cleans all stone floors), Dust Mops and Soft Bristled Brush

Reason: Mopping is a very gentle method to clean stone. It is often not sufficient enough to maintain high traffic areas.

Summary: The use of soft bristled brush along with an SCI chemical will loosen stubborn debris and soils from the stone's porous surface for more efficient cleaning.

Procedures for Smooth Surfaces

For example: Marble, Granite, Terra Cotta, Terrazzo, Agglomerates

  • Dust/Dry mop area using a Dust mop.
  • Dilute MARBALEX at two ounces per one gallon of warm water.
  • Operate the scrubber at a low to medium speed.
  • Each day, operate the scrubber with a soft bristled brush with floating tension.
  • Twice a week, double-scrubbing must be programmed allowing MARBALEX to activate longer.
  • *Double Scrubbing=(two passes on one path).
  • Apply the SCI solution to the surface with the scrubber.
  • Do not pick up the solution on the first pass.
  • Return down the same path and pick up the solution on the second pass.
  • Double scrubbing should be performed daily in the food service areas to emulsify grease soils.
  • Inspect each area hourly for liquid spills.

*On ceramic or porcelain surfaces use CERAMICLEAN.

Procedures for Heavy Soil Buildup

  • Mix STONE QUEST at four to six ounces per one gallon of warm water.
  • Follow the same procedures as above.
  • Rinse with MARBALEX and begin daily maintenance procedures.

Procedures for Rough Surfaces

For example: Flamed Stone, Concrete

  • Follow the above procedures with MARBALEX but increase the dilution ratio to six ounces and use a soft bristled brush.
  • If this procedure does not perform, apply STONE QUEST mixed half and half with water.
  • Let it set for 3 minutes.
  • Scrub with a soft bristled brush and extract it up.
  • Begin daily maintenance procedures.

*If a soil buildup has penetrated inside the stone, use a poultice and follow the recommended procedures on the label. 


  • Always use warm water to open the pores of the stone for more thorough cleaning.
  • Clean and rotate brushes every day. (Be sure that the waterfeed holes are not clogged.)
  • Use clean pads everyday.
  • Clean the squeegee off every 3,000 square feet and clean tires after each use.
  • Replace worn squeegees tires immediately.
  • Never run the brushes dry.
  • Check metal parts for rusting and replace immediately.
  • Clean recovery and solution tanks weekly.
  • Automatic scrubbing machine should not weigh more than 2,200 pounds with solution.
  • Areas where the automatic scrubber cannot fit, should be scrubbed three times a week with a manual scrubbing machine and solution should be picked up with a wet vacuum.
  • For softer stones, consult with an SCI Representative for more appropriate scrubbing methods.
  • Using a 32" automatic scrubber with one pass 1,000 Square Feet should be cleaned in 4.20 minutes.
  • Perform a small test patch before proceeding with the entire program.

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