Special Attention Areas

Special Attention Areas

Escalators: Clean monthly with an escalator cleaning machine to prevent the film from the grids from passing onto the stone surface. Vacuum the grids daily. Scrub the stone at the top and bottom of the escalators on a weekly basis following the SCI scrubbing procedures. Powder polish to maintain the gloss of the stone.

Fountain Areas: Pay special attention to water spilling onto the floor surface. Water and the treatment chemicals in it (Fluoride, Chlorine) will fade the color of stone. Be sure that these areas are inspected hourly to keep them dry. Stone surrounding any fountain should be protected with STONE SPRAY-N-SEAL® and INTERNATIONAL STONE POLISH. Hard water build up can be removed with the use of an SCI POLISHING POWDER.

Elevator Areas: Supply a walk-off mat in front of the elevators leading to the garage or outside areas. Debris is often carried from the elevators to the stone surface. Clean the metal grids of the elevator with a brush to prevent trapped sediment from passing on to the stone. Powder polish the landings to maintain the natural polish.

Garage Areas: Garage elevator lobbies and stairwells should be swept and cleaned daily with MARBALEX to emulsify oily residues left behind from automobiles. Supply extra absorbent matting in these areas due to the high traffic conditions.

Planters: Apply a shield between the planters and the stone surface to prevent moisture and plant foods from staining. Plant foods contain acids which will dissolve the natural calcium bond of marble. For protection, one coat of STONE SPRAY-N-SEAL® should be applied to the surface under the planters. This product will help the stone release moisture vapors.

Food Court: Apply plastic tips on the bottoms of the chairs and tables to prevent scratching. Periodically check and replace these tips. Daily scrubbing with MARBALEX and a soft bristled brush will be necessary to emulsify any organic soil buildup. (Be sure to rinse degreasers with MARBALEX) For ceramic tile use Ceramiclean, on quarry tile floor, scrub with STONE QUEST and a soft bristled brush.

Carpeted Areas: All carpeted areas should be vacuumed daily. Bonnet clean and extract carpeted areas with only a pH7 balanced carpet detergent. Alkali carpet chemicals leave residues that can be tracked on to the stone surface on a humid day. Be cautious of dry cleaning systems that leave debris in the carpet. The dry compounds can also be tracked on to the stone surface and cause minor surface abrasions.

Exterior of Building: Sweep the walkways on a daily basis to prevent outside sediment from entering the building.

When ice and snow melt are applied, wash and sweep them off as soon as the weather rises above the freezing point. Flamed stone exterior surfaces should be treated with STONE SPRAY-N-SEAL® PENETRATING SEALER. STONE COLOR ENHANCER coating may also be applied to the flamed surface to prevent staining from exterior organic matter and automobile chemical leaks.

  • Clean flamed stone with Marbalex on a daily basis.
  • If stains cannot be removed, use Stone Quest with a soft bristled brush.

Lobby Entrances: Dust mop all lobby entrances on an hourly schedule. Vacuum walk-off entrance matting daily. Mop or automatic scrub each day. On snow and rain days, rotate the mats at least three times daily and mop with MARBALEX every two hours. Polishing with an SCI POLISHING POWDER or MARBACREAM may be administered to maintain the natural shine of stone.

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