Vanity & Bar Tops

Vanity & Bar Tops

Marbamist® (Cleans all stone countertops)
Stone Spray-N-Seal® (Stone & Grout Sealer, Water-based)
International Stone Polish® (Countertop & Table Polish)
Countertop Cleaner & Polish (Aerosol Cleaner/Polish)

Reason: To protect and polish all smooth stone surfaces.

Summary: International Stone Polish should be applied to all smooth stone surfaces for maximum protection. It will protect all vertical and horizontal stone surfaces from etching and burning from spills of perfume, alcoholic beverages, juice, cosmetics, toothpaste splatter (fluoride), shaving cream (alcohol), and will help prevent glass rings from developing.


  • It is a permeable coating that is gentle to the stone surface.
  • Very easy to apply and is user friendly.
  • Excellent protection against surface staining and etching.

Stone Vanity Tops/Bar Tops/Tables/Walls/Kitchen Countertops


  • Spray MARBAMIST Cleaner onto the surface and let it set for 15 seconds.
  • After 15 seconds wipe away any remaining moisture with a soft clean cloth.
  • Apply the polish to the surface in a circular motion.
  • Let the polish dry to a haze on the surface.
  • Polish with a clean soft cloth.


  • Hotel rooms should receive a minimum of one application per month.
  • High traffic areas such as bar tops and public rest rooms should receive a bi-monthly application.
  • If etching consistently occurs on the surface tops, then an SCI Polishing Powder should be used to remove the marks and polish the surface.
  • Do not buff the polish until it is dries to a haze.
  • If a residue forms after buffing, spray MARBAMIST on the surface and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

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