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Granite & Stone Clean, Shine & Protect

This product cleans, and polishes your stone surfaces while leaving behind a layer of protection to the seal. It’s specially formulated to clean soiled stone surfaces while maintaining the existing stone sealer, leaving your countertops clean, polished and protected. Safe for regular use.

  • pH neutral
  • Ammonia and phosphate free
  • Streak free formula

For use on: Granite, marble, limestone, slate and all other natural stone surfaces. Please note, this does not take the place of stone sealing products. The sealer application needs to be completed first and then Clean, Shine & Protect may be used for regular cleanings.


Full Directions

  1. Spray Stone Care International Countertop Clean & Reseal onto the surface.
  2. Wipe with a clean, dry paper towel or Stone Care International Dual-Action Microfiber Cloth.

Seal thoroughly before using this product.

More Information

As part of our Stone Care International rebrand some of our product names changed - please see below so that you can find what you were using before and what is equivalent today.

If you used to use:

  • SCI® Clean & Preserve, 22 oz. Trigger
Now you should use:
  • Granite & Stone Clean, Shine & Protect

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