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Granite & Stone Daily Wipes

Experience convenient cleaning and polishing of natural stone surfaces. Stone Care International Granite & Stone Daily Wipes remove grease, grime, stains and watermarks from sealed stone surfaces. Try them on granite, marble, quartz, onyx, travertine, limestone and slate. They also work on laminate, ceramic, porcelain, fiberglass and any other non-porous hard surfaces.

  • Degreases and cleans
  • Streak-free shine


Full Directions

  1. Flip top open and poke a hole in the seal, or to remove inner seal, flip open lid, squeeze the body of the canister and pull up firmly on the lid to remove the cap from the canister. Peel off seal and discard. Locate the wipe at the center of the role, twist to a point and thread through small opening in lid. Replace lid and pull wipe through. Always snap lid securely shut between uses to prevent moisture loss.
  2. Wipe surface clean for a streak free shine. For extremely dirty or large surfaces more than one wipe may be needed.

More Information

As part of our Stone Care International rebrand some of our product names changed - please see below so that you can find what you were using before and what is equivalent today.

If you used to use:

  • SCI Stone Countertop Wipes
Now you should use:
  • Granite & Stone Daily Wipes

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