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Granite & Stone Microfiber Cloth

Safely lift dirt away from the surface, leaving your stone clean and polished. Unlike traditional cloth fibers that push around dirt, dust and grime, the soft microfibers of our Dual Action Microfiber Cloth trap dirt, oil and grime to prevent scratching or dulling the surface.

  • Cleans and polishes stone surfaces
  • Use with Stone Care International products
  • Dual Action

Recommended for granite, marble, quartz, natural stones and solid surfaces.


Full Directions

  1. Apply Stone Care International product to surface.
  2. Wipe using ribbed side of cloth
  3. Flip cloth over and buff to achieve a brilliant shine

Washing Instructions: Machine wash, warm with laundry detergent. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Tumble dry low or air dry.

More Information

As part of our Stone Care International rebrand some of our product names changed - please see below so that you can find what you were using before and what is equivalent today.

If you used to use:

  • SCI Dual Action Microfiber Cloth Counter Display
Now you should use:
  • Dual Action Microfiber Cloth for Granite & Stone

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