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Color Enhancer

Stone Care International Color Enhancer is designed to magnify and protect the natural colors and textures of unpolished, flamed, honed and rough textured surfaces, especially slate. This formula bonds to both interior and exterior stone while providing maximum protection with a permeable matte finish.

For use on: all unpolished, flamed, honed and rough-textured stone surfaces, especially slate and tumbled marble. Do not use on glazed tile, polished surfaces and non-porous surfaces.


Full Directions

Smooth unpolished surfaces:

  1. Test in an inconspicuous area. Be sure that the surface is free from loose debris and all coating are completely removed.
  2. Apply with a rayon mop or terry cloth towel only doing 50 square feet at a time. Smooth the uneven and puddled areas with the mop or terrycloth towel.
  3. Let the surface dry completely for 1 hour and add a second coat if necessary.

Proper curing time is approximately 24 hours. Not for use on food handling surfaces. For rough surfaces, follow all of the above directions but apply the color enhancer with a sprayer. Covers approximately 150 sq. ft. per application.

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