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Cleaning Countertops

When to clean: Daily to Weekly
Product: Marbamist® or Clean EnCounters®

Simply spray Marbamist or Clean EnCounters on to the stone surface.
Wipe off the cleaner with a clean and dry terry cloth or paper towel.


When to clean/polish:Weekly/Monthly
Product: Countertop Cleaner & Polish


  • Be sure surface is clean from any grit or debris.
  • Simply spray on to the countertop surface using a sideward motion.
  • Wipe off immediately using a clean and dry paper towel or a clean white terry cloth towel.
  • If any excess dries on the surface, spray over the excess and wipe off immediately.

Sealing Countertops

When to seal countertops: Every 1-2 years
Product: Stone Spray-N-Seal®


  • Surface should be dry for 6-12 hours before sealing.
  • Clean countertop surface using Marbamist or Clean EnCounters.
  • For stone floors, clean with Marbalex. (It is safe to lightly clean the stone before sealing.)
  • Cover surrounding areas that are not intended to be sealed.
  • Liberally spray the entire surface until it is wet. (Outer edges may dry quicker.)
  • When surface begins to dry within 3-5 minutes, wet the surface again with the sealer. (This will allow the sealer to properly penetrate and cure.)
  • After 30 minutes, wipes off excess sealer from the surface with a clean and dry white terry cloth towel.
  • If excess dries on the surface, spray more sealer onto the surface and wipe off immediately with a clean dry terry cloth towel.

For large stone floors, excess can be buffed off with a clean white buffing pad or an all cloth bonnet pad.

Polishing & Enriching Color on Countertops

When to polish: Monthly
Product: International Stone Polish®


  • Shake the bottle before using and apply the polish to the stone surface with a clean, dry and white terry cloth towel.
  • Let the polish dry to a haze for 2 minutes.
  • Wipe off the haze with a clean, dry and white terry cloth towel.

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