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Manual Scrubbing




Smooth Surfaces: (Granite, Marble, Ceramic, Terra Cotta, Terrazzo, Agglomerate)

  1. Dust mop area.
  2. Dilute MARBALEX in a clean bucket at two ounces per one gallon of warm water.
  3. Generously apply MARBALEX with a synthetic dust mop and let it set for a minimum of two minutes.
  4. Install a soft bristled brush to the bottom of the machine.
  5. Use a sideward (left to right) scrubbing motion with one pass in each direction. (Lower=Left/Raise=Right)
  6. Immediately extract the solution with a wet/dry vacuum to prevent the soils from settling back onto the surface.
  7. Damp mop with MARBALEX using a clean bucket and mop.
  8. Proceed with the SCI daily maintenance procedures.

Heavy Soil Build Up:

  1. Mix STONE QUEST at four to six ounces to one gallon of warm water.
  2. Follow the same procedures as above.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with MARBALEX and proceed with routine maintenance procedures.

Rough Surface: (Flamed Stone, Concrete)

  1. Follow the above procedures with MARBALEX and increase the dilution ratio to six ounces and use a soft bristled brush.
  2. If this application does not perform, apply STONE QUEST mixed half and half with water.
  3. Let it set for three minutes.
  4. Scrub the surface with a soft bristled brush.
  5. Pick up solution immediately with a wet/dry vacuum.
  6. Rinse with MARBALEX if any streaks remain and proceed with daily maintenance procedures.

Grout Cleaning:

  1. Dilute CERAMICLEAN at ten ounces per one gallon of water.
  2. Mop it on to the surface and let it set for three minutes.
  3. Scrub the grout with a soft bristled brush.
  4. Pick up the solution with a wet/dry vacuum.
  5. Rinse with MARBALEX if necessary.

    *If the soil buildup has penetrated deeply inside the stone or grout, apply a poultice and follow the recommended procedures on the label.


  • Immediately pick up the scrubbed solution with a wet/dry vacuum.
  • Never let the solution dry before extracting it.
  • Be sure that the squeegee blades are always cleaned and wiped off after every use.
  • Use warm water to open the pores of the stone.
  • Do not flood the floor surface.
  • Always use clean mops, buckets, pads, and brushes.
  • Replace worn pads, mops, and brushes.
  • For softer stones, consult with an SCI Representative.
  • Scrub 1,000 square feet with a 175 RPM 17" buffer with separate pick-up, 1,000 Square Feet should be scrubbed in 31.20 minutes. (ISSA)