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Stain Removal

OPP Oil Poultice Powder™ Removes Oil Stains As Needed
RPP Rust Poultice Powder™ Removes Rust Stains As Needed
MPP Mildew Poultice Powder™ Removes Mildew Stains As Needed
FPP Food Poultice Powder™ Removes Food Stains As Needed
IPP Ink Poultice Powder™ Removes Ink Stains As Needed
PPP Urine Poultice Powder™ Removes Urine Stains As Needed
Marbamist® or Clean EnCounters® Ready to Use Spray Cleaner Daily
Marbalex® Stone Floor Cleaner Daily

CLEANING: (Daily to Weekly)
Product: Marbamist® or Clean EnCounters®
  1. Simply spray Marbamist® or Clean EnCounters® on to the stone surface.
  2. Wipe off the cleaner with a clean and dry terry cloth or paper towel.

Product: Select the correct stain remover.
  1. Identify the type of stain and select the correct SCI Poultice Powder.
  2. Clean area first with distilled water.
  3. Mix the poultice with water to create a thick peanut butter consistency.
  4. Apply the poultice over the stained area only.
  5. Cover the paste with plastic wrap.
    *Put a few pin holes in the plastic wrap.
  6. Once the paste has hardened, remove the plastic wrap.
  7. Gently remove the dried paste with a plastic scraper.
  8. Reseal area with Stone Spray-N-Seal®.