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Stone Surface Restoration


  • Stoneglide Pads (For pricing call 1-800-839-1654)

Reason: STONEGLIDE PADS are designed to completely restore and repolish marble, limestone, terrazzo and agglomerate floor surfaces. They will remove lippage or heavily worn surfaces and repolish back to a factory finish. This process is a five to seven step program that can be completed with the SCI POLISHING POWDERS.

Summary: Many natural stones are delicate and often lack long-term endurance. If a stone consumer is not pleased with the appearance of their stone due to heavy wear or improper maintenance procedures, SCI will design a restoration program for the consumer.

Stone restoration is part of the stone maintenance cycle. It consists of three stages: Grinding, honing and polishing. Each stage is processed with the use of diamond abrasives. These abrasives are measured in grits. Lower grit diamonds will remove surface scratches, lippage, etches, and traffic patterns. Middle grit diamonds will smooth and hone the surface. Higher grit diamonds will polish the surface. Continuous water flow is used as a lubricant for the diamonds.

This process is similar to sanding wood. The coarse grit sandpaper removes the scratches and the fine grit smooths it.

Diamond grinding is necessary to remove and flatten the lippage from uneven tiles and to remove deep surface scratches. This is completed with a 30, 70, and 120 grit diamond. Each higher grit removes the marks of the previous grit.

Honing is accomplished with a 220 and 400 grit diamond. Honing entails smoothing out the ground surface, thus leaving the stone without a reflection or shine.

Polishing requires the use of 600, 800, 1800, and even 3500 grit diamonds. They brighten the surface by polishing the crystals which increases the reflectivity. The higher the grit, the higher the shine will be. It is imperative to use all of the diamonds in succession. Each diamond is designed to work after the previous one. Skipping will leave scratches and prevent accomplishing the desired shine. Five to six passes per set of diamonds is necessary to successfully complete the restoration process.

A selection of any style or look can be provided with the use of diamond abrasives. You can select a honed or polished design. Consult with your SCI representative for proper restoration procedures.