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From Ken on Mar 23, 2010:
"Just got done using your (4 bottle care kit) products on our kitchens granite. It looks better than when it was first installed. Thank you for quality products at a fair price...with great customer service."

From Elana on Oct 02, 2009:
"Thank you so much for your reply and I’m glad to have found your product. Finally, a product that I know will disinfect! I will definitely be incorporating it into my cleaning regimen."

From Jeanne on Sept 15, 2009:
"Your products are the only ones that remove sticky hairspray buildup from my limestone floor: easily, painlessly and beautifully. Tried it on my painted bathroom walls and mirrors also and worked great to remove that stubborn mist of hairspray that goes everywhere. Everyone I know has trouble getting hairspray off suggestion is that you put in spray bottle and advertise it as the greatest product for this problem. You have a money maker going down that avenue. Thanks Jeanne."

From Cathy on Sept, 12, 2009:
"I bought a black granite countertop for my bathroom and immediately regretted it when it came time to clean it. I found your countertop wipes at Home Depot and decided to give them a try. Hooray! What a great product! They clean the spotting, hairspray, etc. with very little effort. Thank you for your wonderful product."

From Laurie on Apr. 8, 2009:
"The new pads arrived and they were perfect. I did the table tonight and Oh MY!! Its came out great... NO MORE etch marks.. or rough patches.. the table is as smooth as can be. I am going to wait a day or 2 for it to thoroughly dry and then seal it..((((Thank you))) for recommending the granite polishing powder its awesome..."

From Barb on Apr. 8, 2009:
"Thank you so much. I really appreciate your writing me about my 'one person' concern. I just bought and used your sealer at home via directions. I was so concerned since the granite I purchased immediately changed to a darker color when water hit it. Your product, when used as your directions state, DOES keep the granite sealed and does not change color when water comes in contact with it. Thank you for your time to respond to me and I WILL recommend your products to my friends who have ganite too!"

From Andrea on Apr. 7, 2009:
"You were kind enough to send me the below email and then spent quite a bit of time on the phone with me walking me through how to fix some of the problems we were having with our natural stone... I wanted to let you know that the footprints on our bathroom floor are now gone!! I cannot thank you enough for your advice and help with this. Thank you, again, so very much for your time and assistance with our stone challenges. We will use your products always!!"

From Craig on Mar. 19, 2009:
"Your Grout Lock Grout Sealer is Incredible! I just tiled my remodeled bathroom and then used your sealer a couple of days later and totally amazed the tile guys when they came back to find the job done."

From Joan on Mar. 16, 2009:
"Several weeks ago, I spoke with Sue concerning the hard water stains on the marble vanity top in the master bathroom, which I had been unable remove. Sue suggested I try "Marbacream", which I ordered along with a few of your other wonderful products. It worked like magic and I now longer have to be paranoid about using the sink in that bathroom. Thank you to Sue and all the other wonderful products I am using also on my granite vanity and kitchen granite."

From Terri on Feb. 26, 2009:
"Thank you so much for taking the time to talk me through all your products to find the best solutions to fit my needs. I just ordered everything and look forward to using the products. Your level of customer service is outstanding. Bravo!"

From Tony on Nov. 26, 2008:
"I just ordered your OPP poultice powder to remove an oil stain from my granite countertop. The technicians who installed the stone claimed that there was NO fix. I later called him back and told him to recommend your product to his other customers. Super job!"

From Lou Ann on June 27, 2008:
"I had the granite stain mess from plumbers and their oil-based plumbers putty--and the stain came out with the poultice on the first application! RAY! I also purchased the "Care Package" at Home Depot with the 4 products in it. I will be a loyal customer from now on! Thanks for saving my new granite!"

From Todd on June 6, 2008:
"Dear Sue, I first became a customer of Stone Care when we put in our granite kitchen counter tops last fall. The products are great. I am now even more impressed on your quick and complete answer to my patio question. I will now try even more of your companies’ products. Thank you for your help. Keep up the good work!"

From Javier on June 5, 2008:
"Dear Sue, Many thanks for the very prompt response, looking forward to a great working product, and recommending it to all my friends, again thanks"

From Erin on April 15, 2008:
"Sue, thank you for your response to my problem. I also received the new spray nozzle and am very impressed with your Customer Service."

From Charles on Feb. 11, 2008:
"I wanted to thank you for your personal attention (and answers to my extra questions), your support team is exceptional and made me feel like a real valued customer. Keep it up and thanks again!"

From Rob on Jan. 14, 2008:
"Sue thanks for responding quickly it really says a lot about the company you work for on how much they care about the customer. The advice you gave was dead on and now all I have to do now is enjoy my marble vanity. Thanks again for your time and effort. Stone Care International is very lucky to have someone like you working for them. Top shelf in my book."

From Amy on Nov. 27, 2007:
"Wow, you are great, just like the testimonials say. I'll be ordering today. THANK YOU!"

From Sherrie on Oct. 30, 2007:
"Thank You very much for all your help. I love my new table, unfortunately, the retailer gave me no information on maintaining the table. After a couple weeks I saw water spots and began reading up on marble—sounds like this surface is not as ‘care free’ as I once thought. With your help, I’ll keep it looking great."

From Linda on Oct. 23, 2007:
"Thank you SO much for replying to my email. Every time I saw that spot, it made me ill. I was on your website to reorder cleaner and polish and just thought I'd see if you'd have any suggestions how to make that area look better. I can't wait to try it. Your products are wonderful. Thanks again."

From Jim on Oct. 22, 2007:
"By the way, I could not get an email for Andrew Levine, so I submitted feedback through the input page on your website. Please feel free to forward this to him, or anyone else at your company who needs to hear how helpful you have been. Maybe this level of service is customary for your company, certainly not in others I have experienced."

From Penny on Sept. 25, 2007:
"Thank you so much Sue for answering my question... I will definitely order your product if needed. Thanks again. What great customer service, and I’m not even a customer, yet! I will go on your website and check what products I can purchase to keep my granite beautiful for a long time. You just got another customer. Thanks!"

From Penny on Sept. 23, 2007:
"You have great customer service I just ordered my supplies. Thanks for your advice. Personal attention makes all the difference truly!"

From Vic on July 25, 2007:
"Your Marbacream worked very well in removing the bowl cleaner discoloration. Hypocloride was the ingredient that caused the problem. I would recommend this product highly."

From Deanna on June 7, 2007:
"Again, I thank you for your time and, what seemed to be, a genuine knowledge and concern on your part. I am so anxious to receive the products and give them a try."

From Mary Janet on May 30, 2007:
"I recently placed my first order with your company. Unfortunately the first order was damaged in shipment and even before I knew it, Michelle sent an e-mail informing me of the problem and a reshipment being made. I was very impressed with your customer service and Michelle in particular. Thank you for hiring such excellent people to represent your company."

From Mary Anne on May 2, 2007:
"I had questions regarding application of your products. I called Sue and she explained to me all about it very nicely. I also recommend your products to my friends. I appreciate you having such a good customer service and a good company."

From Sue on April 9, 2007:
"I bought your cleaner, restorer and polishit worked! After a few applications the spots did come out and the glass rings only took one try. I polished and buffed and it now looks perfect! Now I can truly enjoy our beautiful onyx stone. Thanks so much!"

From Ed on April 9, 2007:
"Thank you very much for your prompt and thorough response to my questions. Great service and great products."

From Stu on March 29, 2007:
"I was very skeptical it would do anything when I tried your OPP on a large, nasty black stain on my granite kitchen counter top that developed under my toaster oven. Poultice took 4 days to dry (maybe used more water than needed), but when I wiped away the powder, the stain had completely disappeared! I couldn't believe it. Thought maybe OPP was too expensive at first, but it's priceless."

From Nancy on March 9, 2007:
"Thank you so much for the informative email. I have just purchased this home which has granite countertops in the kitchen. I have never had granite before and don't know how to care for it. I know the previous owner, who installed the countertops, never sealed them. The information you provided me will reduce my worry and help me to enjoy the granite."

From Kathy on February 27, 2007:
"... I have been using mineral oil on our soapstone counters. While they are beautiful...I find them to be too easily water-stained. I may try your countertop sealer. Thanks!"

From Helene on January 19, 2007:
"Thank you for the response on removing candle wax. I will use your suggestions..."

From Carolyne on December 7, 2006:
"Thanks for your prompt response. Your information is very helpful. I wished I knew about your products when I purchased the Granite countertop a couple of years ago. At that time, I was told that sealing the granite will make it safe to use anything on it. I know better now."

From Ilene on November 1, 2006:
"I wanted to thank you and your colleagues for all of your excellent advice on how to remove etching from my Jurassic limestone (or granite) counters. I wasn't able to use the two products that you recommended until just this weekend... BUT I used them on Sunday and the stone is just perfect, absolutely gorgeous and 100% restored. I can't thank you enough for your patient advice and excellent products."

From Julie on October 4, 2006:
"Your product worked GREAT!! We are so pleased. For a while I was hating the marble... now I'm back to really enjoying it again. Thanks much... We plan to order some more bottles to have on hand."

From Sandra on September 19, 2006:
"Thank you for your message. It will be a big project and with all the help available from you, the web site, the labels and your company, I may get it right."

From Cathy on September 1, 2006:
"Sue, you have so much information packed in your response. You actually answered my question which others I have asked failed to. I will get on your web site and review the products you suggest and see about ordering."

From Clean Team Customer Service on September 1, 2006:
"... We're glad you are just phone call/email away! We really appreciate all of your great advice!"

From Diane on August 18, 2006:
"First, I wanted to let you know that I received my products yesterday and was able to clean a marble countertop using the Marbamist and the Marbacream. Both products worked great, and I was amazed at how good the surface looked after the Marbacream treatment. The glass ring stains and etching were gone! Fantastic."

From Ronni on August 18, 2006:
" I will try Ceramiclean and I thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I am in a technical support position myself and it's rare to find a company that offers the level of support that my employer does. I'm impressed!!!"

From Neil on March 30, 2006:
"Many thanks for your detailed reply. It is very pleasing to know there are still such good levels of customer service available in this world."

From Janie on March 22, 2006:
"Thank you for your quick and welcome response. I love your products and recommend them to my family and friends. Your customer service is also the best. Thank you again."

From J.S. on March 9, 2006:
"I received the order yesterday, thank you for notifying me of the delay, it is a rare thing to receive pro-active customer service. I will no doubt continue to order from your company and recommend it to my friends and family."

From Susan on March 7, 2006:
"Thanks so much! We just received the Deep Cleaner in the mail today, used it on the spot, and the magic marker came off instantly. What a relief. Thanks again."

From Bethany on February 7, 2006:
"Thank-you again for all your help. I really appreciate it. I must say that customer service such as the kind I received from you is very hard to come by these days."

From Brad on December 28, 2005:
" Dear Sue, worked like a charm! Thanks for your advice."

From Jo on October 20, 2005:
"Marbamist beyond any words, the best possible product for all stone surfaces. I tried many others and was disappointed; pricey but priceless in my home. Love the convenience of spray for no mess. I am reccommending it to everyone!"

From Tim on October 19, 2005:
"Thank you for the information! I just treated our new Giallo Veneziano granite counter top with your products (cleaner disinfectant, sealer, and polish) and they turned out great! I also re-treated our 1 yr. old Black Pearl island granite counter top and it looks gorgeous. Now that I know that I can use them on our new sink, I think we'll be set. Thanks again for your assistance!"

From Shellee on September 29, 2005:
"Thanks so much for your quick response and your knowledge! I was driving myself crazy and I appreciate your help in this matter. Now I feel confident that I won't destroy a beautiful piece of furniture. I will do as you suggested Sue. Again thanks a lot for you assistant and you have a great day!"

From Helene on August 27, 2005:
"I appreciate your web site, all the detailed product information and the cleaning and maintenance instructions you give for 12 different floor and countertop materials."

From Nora on August 19, 2005:
" I called today and spoke with Sue, one of your technicians. She was of the utmost help to me and answered questions that I have had a terrible problem trying to get on my own. I explained my situation with the awful mess I was left with when the contractor I hired refused to come back. The contractor had gotten in over his head and made a total mess of my floors not including the rugs, walls, furniture, windows, window blinds, and etc. Sue knew exactly what I needed to do and offered her advice as to what products I needed and how and when to use them! Sue is a great "TEAM PLAYER" for you. Bless you, Sue."

From S. Kennedy on August 01, 2005:
" Thank you for your quick and complete reply to my problem with the marble tile in my Master Bath. I had etching on the tiles from cleaning products and needed a solution to rid the dullness and restore the surfaces to original lustre. You suggested your products (cleaner, restorer , polish and sealant.) I subsequently ordered the products suggested, and used them on my marble. What a surprise! The products worked as advertised and my marble looks wonderful. I am greatful and appreciative for your quick reply, suggestions and , of course, for the wonderful products that your company supplies. Just another satisfied customer. It must make your job a joy to deal with a company that "puts their products where their mouth is. Thank you again."

From Frank Davis on June 09, 2005:
" Thank you for recommending your product, Poultice Powder, to remove the stain in our new granite countertop. It has taken repeated applications but the purple primer stain has come out! We are grateful to you and the folks at SCI for taking the time to help us solve this dilemma. Not only will we continue to order all of our granite care products from SCI, but we'll also recommend your products to others. It's so nice to deal with a company that takes a personalized approach to helping solve customers problems!"

From Don on March 22, 2005:
" Thank you very much for your very comprehensive and helpful answer. I'm happy to follow your advice. Of several inquiries you are the only one that has provided a response of any kind. Thanks again!"

From Steve Gleaner on March 02, 2005:
" Thank you so much for your reply. It seems like you are the only one that knows anything about granite, no other company has been able to help me. I will either call or email my purchase of the dark granite polishing powder. Thank you again."

From Sam on Feb 14, 2005:
" Thank you Sue. This really is the most clear explanation I have gotten from anyone on how to take care of our floors. I shall be placing the order over the weekend."

From Dorothy J. on July 28, 2004:
" Thanks, Sue. I really appreciate your timely reply and all the information...I will pass this information on to others I know who have travertine, and your company's name to other marble owners. You do good P.R.!!"

From Loring C. on July 27, 2004:
"Dear Sue, I received the products yesterday and cleaned/ polished the marble shower today. It looks great!! I had three professional bids to do the job ranging from $450 to $750 in price. I just knew that it didn't have to be such a big deal and for $30 and just a little work on my part, it looks great again. Thanks for your advice and the products.

From Bonnie K. in Baltimore, MD, on July 16, 2004:
"You have been so so helpful! I'll try the remedies you suggest to see if we can ascertain the cause of the white surface on the marble...Thanks again for being so incredibly helpful and diligent. Now I certainly know the "testimonials" on your web site are all for real. Please keep up the excellent work, products and public relations. What a refreshing experience!"

From Candace and Charlie M., on October 02, 2003:
" Dear Sue, Thank you for your informed response. Your customer service is excellent. A rarity today. We appreciate your recommendations and will order the products on-line."

From Genny @ the Clean Team, on October 01, 2003:
"Sue, you're awesome! Knowing I can always count on you makes my job so much easier. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

From Sue P., on October 01, 2003:
"Hi Michelle, That was SO NICE OF YOU!!!! What a nice surprise to get free shipping. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!! I really do appreciate it. Saving every little bit helps!!! I really love your products so you'll see another order from me as soon as this supply runs out!!! Have a great weekend and thanks again."

From Jan C., Weatherford, TX in Duncanville, TX, on September 23, 2003:
"I wish I could express how pleased I am with your products. I spent a few hours Sunday afternoon, cleaning and polishing the granite in my kitchen. I had been using Windex and water for just ordinary clean up. But our Stone Care products have made all the difference in the world in the sheen and feel of the granite. I hadn't even realized how dull the finish had become, and now it feels like silk. And when I have a spill, it beads up, and is easy to care for. I have already passed the word to two of my friends with granite countertops. Perhaps you will gain a few more orders in the future. Thanks again for your products and service."

From Jane Brooks on June 25, 2003:
"Sue, thank you again for your help. You certainly do an exceptional job! It has been a pleasure working with you on my order."

From Jane Peterson in Duncanville, TX, on May 15, 2003:
"Ceramiclean is far and above the very best cleaning agent I have ever used on my porcelain tile floors. My light cream-colored floors were never easy to clean; now they clean up in half the time and cleaner, brighter, longer. I am very grateful for Ceramiclean, as is my (occasional) cleaning lady! "

Georgetta A. Hartley, Endres Wood-Plastics, Inc. May 07, 2003:
"Dear Sue, thank you so much for your help with our customer. I have given her your telephone number to call you and your webpage so that she might review all your wonderful information and products. She will be contacting you soon. I felt this would be easier for all concerned and it would less expensive for the customer. Thanks again for all your help and we will keep your information on file."

Genny @ The Clean Team May 02, 2003:
"Thank you, Sue! The extra mile you went to help me is most appreciated. I hope SCI realizes what a valuable employee your are."

L.P. of Pleasonton CA January 4, 2002:
"I bought your product in NJ and moved it out to CA with us. It works better than anything else I've tried!"

From: R.W of Madison, WI June 30, 2002:
"Marbamist was given to us by the company that installed our granite countertops. We think it's terrific."

From: K.P. of Washington, DC February 8, 2002:
"The man who installed my countertops said your product was the very best and he would use nothing else!"

E.W. of Mountain View, California February 9, 2002:
"Good Stuff! That's why we're buying some more!"

From: C.C. of Franklin, NC February 9, 2002:
"I am really impressed with the quality of this site. I found it extremely easy to understand and to use. Thanks!"

From: S.F. of Solon, OH February 10, 2002:
"I love your product! Nothing cleans my counters and table top like your yours!"

From: T.M. of El Dorado, AR February 2, 2002:
"I've used your products on my granite and slate surfaces and am very pleased with the results."

From: T.G of Damascus, VA January 13, 2002:
"Our installer recommended we purchase your polish and cleaner. They said they have tried every product available and yours was the best out there."

From: L.J. of Easton, CT March 20, 2002:
"We love your products. We have children crawling on our floors and eating directly off the countertops. Your products give us peace of mind. Thanks."

From: D.W. of Grosse Pointe Farms, MI July 29, 2002:
"Thanks to your technical department for being so helpful!"

From L.P. of Weston, Connecticut, June 5, 2001:
"The SCI stuff is beyond excellent"

From: C.W.D. of Washington, D.C., May 24, 2001:
"I love this cleaner. The young men who installed my granite countertops gave me a bottle and said it was the best."

From: C.W. of Portland, Oregon, May 18, 2001:
"This is being sent as a gift. I've used the product with success at my home.

From: E.C. of New Hartford, New York, April 19, 2001:
"I love your products"

From: E.O. of Massapequa, New York, January 4, 2001:
"This cleaner is wonderful"

From: C.W. of Rancho Mirage, California, January 5, 2001:
"Glad to find you! Saw your name on a color enhancer bottle the installer of the stone in our new house was using."

From: E.S. of Seminole, Florida, March 19, 2001:
"We recently had our kitchen remodeled and had granite countertops installed. The installer told us to polish and seal it occassionally. I'm glad I found you."

From: C.H.M. of Greenwich, New York, November 9, 2000:
"Great Site-Good Fast Info-Thank you!"

From: E.R. of Flossmoor, Ilinois, May 26, 2001:
"Good informative site design, easy find approach and easy ordering."

From: C.J. of London, Kentucky, January 23, 2001:
"I like the products that I ordered. They are easy to use and work very well."

From C.A. of Spicewood, Texas, June 11, 2001:
"Love the smell of your products and what it does to our granite."

From M.N. of Chicago, Illinois, June 12, 2001
"A friend recently installed granite countertops in her kitchen. She highly recommended your products."

From D.K. of Morrison, Colorado, June 26, 2001
"Great Stuff"

From M.B. of Clinton, CT, July 8, 2001
"Very nice website. Very helpful"

From L.B. of Westmont, New Jersey August 27, 2001
"What an east site to use! I Learned so much from your website.. Thanks!"

From G.R. of Hemet, CA September 6, 2001
"We had an opportunity to use this product on a job that was requested by and paid for by a tile contractor. We clean and seal decorative hard surfaces and have done so since 1980. We have not seen this product here in CA and would like to find a local distributor. We have done a test with this product and the movie/TV star we will be working for has selected this sealer for the look that he wants to achieve."

From R.P. of Vienna, VA
"I visited many different web sites looking for consumer-oriented products for the marble and granite in my home. This was the only site that I felt would serve my need."

From M.M. of Pinellas Park, FL October 14, 2001
"I am a previous customer. My last purchase was almost 2 years ago-loved the stuff, lasted this long!"

From H.G. of Tenafly, NJ October 22, 2001
"Great product bought it locally and my house looks great."

From M.A. of Budd Lake, NJ October 20, 2001
"THANKS!!! I've been experimenting on getting my grout clean for months!"

From J.M. of New Fairfield, CT October 19, 2001
"This product works really well. I received it when they put in my honed marble countertop."

S.H. of New York, NY October 24, 2001
"Your product was recommended by my contractor. I purchased the spray bottle and have been extremely pleased with the Marbamist for granite countertops. Not only does it work well, the smell is pleasant as well."

M.S of South Glastonbury, CT November 1, 2001:
"Heard good things about the products. Can't wait to try them"

A.K. of Battle Creek, MI November 1, 2001:
"We were provided small samples of your products when my countertop was installed. Found your website on the bottles. Thanks. They are good products."

G.P. of Menasha, WI October 28,2001:
"Excellent products!"

R.F.of Bernardsville, NJ October 28,2001:
"Highly recommended by a friend who uses these products exclusively."

P.L. of Austin TX October 28,2001:
"The couple we bought the house from recommended your products."

M.A. of Pleasanton CA October 29,2001:
"Your products sound wonderful! I have been looking for a cleaner for my marble shower stall, floor and vanity area. Apparently I can use your product on my granite kitchen counter and other tile bathrooms also!! Yeah!!"

D.C. of North Andover, MA October 27, 2001:
"Great product, have recommended it to everyone I know looking for granite cleaner. I bought my first quart at the Boston Home Show."

J.W of Arvada, CO Nov 27, 2001:
"Your website contains a wealth of info, giving me confidence that I am ordering the right products."

K.K. of Gibsonia, PA November 19, 2001:
"I have used most of your products for marble & granite and am very pleased with all of the products both for cleaning and polishing. My marble installer in Pittsburgh recommends it to all his clients. It makes my job keeping our floors, countertops, showers and bar area, maintenance free."

P.S. of Verona, WI November 27, 2001:
"Nice web site, easy to order from. Also, we like your products!"

B.H. December 10, 2001:
"We purchased some rust stain remover to use on our terrazzo bathroom floor. To say we are satisfied would be a gross understatement. It is an outstanding product that WORKED!!!! We had tried all kinds of acid like stuff without success. Great product."

M.C. of West Newton, MA December 2, 2001:
"We love your products. It's time for a refill of our Marbamist granite counter cleaner."

C.R. of Parkland FL December 2, 2001:
"I found out about your product from the company that installed our granite. I love it and wanted to buy more after the bottle was empty!"

K.M. of Austin, TX December 3, 2001:
"I love your product (marbamist). It was given to me by the granite company I used. I also referred both my sister in laws to your product and they are now both using it...they love it too."

J.P. of Clarkston, MI December 9, 2001:
"The company that installed my granite told me about your product. I tried it and loved it!"

R.K. of Seattle, WA December 13, 2001:
"I found you on the internet and have been a happy customer with the 2 year old house ever since. My granite countertops, and marble floors and granite showers have only been touched by MARBALEX, and MARBAMIST, ever since they were installed. Thank you for such a great line of products."