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Wet Mopping



Reason: To emulsify surface soils and prevent residue build-up with the application of an SCI pH7 balanced stone cleaner. The SCI cleaners compliment the delicate structure of stone and are ASTM approved for slip resistance.


       Smooth Surfaces:

  1. Dilute the SCI Marbalex accordingly with warm water.
  2. Mop the solution onto the surface and allow it to dry. (Rinsing is not necessary)

    -Bucket solution must be changed a minimum of every 2,000 square feet to prevent the reapplication of sediment to the stone surface.

    -High traffic areas such as entrances require a bucket change every 1,000 square feet due to the heavy buildup of sediment in these areas.

       Ceramic Tile:

  1. Same procedures as above but use CERAMICLEAN.


  • Mops should be changed every 5,000 square feet.
  • Food court area should be mopped at least three times a day to prevent oily surface soils from being walked on to other areas. Change the bucket solution every 1,000-2,000 square feet.
  • On rain and snow days, mop three times a day to neutralize acid rain residue.
    (Acid rain and ice melt residues will harm stone)
  • Do not use cotton mops because they release cotton oil on the surface which creates a film.
  • Do not use metal framed mop handles because their edges will scratch the surface.
  • Use a clean mop every day.
  • Rinse the buckets daily.
  • Continuously inspect the floors for liquid spills and pick them up immediately to prevent staining and liquid penetration into the stone.
  • Mops and mop solution must be changed continuously. If they are not, dirty solution will be reapplied to the surface which will cause dark staining to occur.