What People Say

Stone Care International stands above the competition when it comes to concrete sealers and grout cleaners. We also offer an extensive line of natural stone cleaners and maintenance products. Find out why people keep coming back to Stone Care International for all of their natural stone cleaning needs.

“Just got done using your (4 bottle care kit) products on our kitchens granite. It looks better than when it was first installed. Thank you for quality products at a fair price...with great customer service."


"Your products are the only ones that remove sticky hairspray buildup from my limestone floor: easily, painlessly and beautifully. Tried it on my painted bathroom walls and mirrors also and worked great to remove that stubborn mist of hairspray that goes everywhere. Everyone I know has trouble getting hairspray off surfaces...my suggestion is that you put in spray bottle and advertise it as the greatest product for this problem. You have a money maker going down that avenue. Thanks Jeanne."


"Your Grout Lock Grout Sealer is Incredible! I just tiled my remodeled bathroom and then used your sealer a couple of days later and totally amazed the tile guys when they came back to find the job done."


"I had the granite stain mess from plumbers and their oil-based plumbers putty--and the stain came out with the poultice on the first application! RAY! I also purchased the "Care Package" at Home Depot with the 4 products in it. I will be a loyal customer from now on! Thanks for saving my new granite!"

-Lou Ann

Your product worked GREAT!! We are so pleased. For a while I was hating the marble... now I'm back to really enjoying it again. Thanks much... We plan to order some more bottles to have on hand."


"Thank you for the information! I just treated our new Giallo Veneziano granite counter top with your products (cleaner disinfectant, sealer, and polish) and they turned out great! I also re-treated our 1 yr. old Black Pearl island granite counter top and it looks gorgeous. Now that I know that I can use them on our new sink, I think we'll be set. Thanks again for your assistance!"


“Ceramiclean is far and above the very best cleaning agent I have ever used on my porcelain tile floors. My light cream-colored floors were never easy to clean; now they clean up in half the time and cleaner, brighter, longer. I am very grateful for Ceramiclean, as is my (occasional) cleaning lady! "

-Jane Peterson

“I love your product! Nothing cleans my counters and table top like your yours!"


"Our installer recommended we purchase your polish and cleaner. They said they have tried every product available and yours was the best out there."


"We love your products. We have children crawling on our floors and eating directly off the countertops. Your products give us peace of mind. Thanks."


"I love this cleaner. The young men who installed my granite countertops gave me a bottle and said it was the best."


"Love the smell of your products and what it does to our granite."


"I have used most of your products for marble & granite and am very pleased with all of the products both for cleaning and polishing. My marble installer in Pittsburgh recommends it to all his clients. It makes my job keeping our floors, countertops, showers and bar area, maintenance free."


"We purchased some rust stain remover to use on our terrazzo bathroom floor. To say we are satisfied would be a gross understatement. It is an outstanding product that WORKED!!!! We had tried all kinds of acid like stuff without success. Great product."


"I found out about your product from the company that installed our granite. I love it and wanted to buy more after the bottle was empty!"


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