How to Properly Clean Granite

Granite is a durable, lovely surface in any home, but to keep it looking it’s best you need to clean and care for it properly. Your natural stone surface is millions of years old and improper cleaning products will dull or damage the surface. This guide will show you which cleaners you should use, why to use them and provide tips for enriching the elegance of your granite.


Many cleaners can be harmful to granite such as vinegar, window cleaners, dishwashing detergents, abrasive cleaners, abrasive cleaning tools and acidic cleaners. They should not be used on the stone surface because they can etch the stone or damage the seal. Instead, find a stone-safe, pH neutral cleaner to use such as Stone Care International’s Daily Cleaner.

Also, it’s important to understand that neutral generic cleaners are different than neutral stone cleaners. Generic neutral cleaners are predominantly found in the janitorial industry and are designed to mainly clean soft, non-porous surfaces such as floor waxes and coatings. They only clean the surface and can possibly dull or damage granite.

Neutral stone cleaners are designed to clean hard porous surfaces by penetrating deep into the pores of the stone and lifting out dirt and soils. Stone cleaners clean the surface, pores and small fissures, thus providing a deeply cleaned and beautiful stone surface.

Tips for Maintaining the Beauty of Granite

Clean up spills immediately, including water

While a healthy seal will prevent most stains from soaking into granite, it’s still important to clean up spills quickly. By allowing a spill to sit on the granite you’re opening up a possibility of staining or dulling the granite.

This is especially true of vinegar, lemon juice, and spilled chemicals such as bleach or drain cleaners.

Use the Proper Cleaners

Use a cleaner, such as our Daily Cleaner, which is specially designed for granite. These types of cleaners penetrate the surface cleaning out the pores of the granite for a thorough clean. These products will help your granite maintain its shine and natural beauty longer.

Avoid Potentially Harmful Appliances

Do not use deep fryers, rotisseries or toaster ovens directly on the countertop. High temperatures and hot oil drippings, splatter and spills can damage your granite. Place a mat under appliances to prevent the oils from landing directly on the stone or move the appliances away from granite.


  1. Spray liberally onto the stone surface
  2. For greasy or heavily soiled surfaces let stand for one minute
  3. Rub into the surface using a clean, dry terry towel in a circular motion until dry

Also, only use polishes or waxes specifically designed for granite. Look at Stone Care International’s line of polishes for products formulated specifically for granite.

Products for Properly Cleaning Granite

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