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Protect Your Natural Stone

Sealing natural stone is the most important thing you can do to preserve it’s beauty for as long as possible. Using a penetrating sealer, like the ones made by Stone Care International, provides more thorough protection against stains and dulling than a simple coating sealant.

Our professional grade sealers are great for achieving a strong seal on a variety of natural stones, and are easy to use.

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  1. Granite Sealer Spray Bottle
    Granite & Stone Sealer Spray

    Protect your countertops with the Granite & Stone Sealer. In our easy to use trigger, you can make sure you seal every corner of your countertop.

    20.49 $20.49
  2. Granite sealer pour bottle
    Granite & Stone Sealer Pour

    Protect your countertops with the Granite & Stone Sealer Pour bottle. Its water based formula is easy-to-use and safe.

    15.49 $15.49
  3. Granite Sealer and Stain Remover Kit
    Stain Removal & Sealing Kit

    This is the kit you need to remove existing stains from granite and to prevent future ones.

    35.5 $35.50 Regular Price 37.47 $37.47
  4. Granite Clean, Polish & Seal Kit
    Clean, Polish & Seal Kit

    Everything you need to handle the three staples of granite care: Clean, Polish and Seal.

    37 $37.00 Regular Price 39.47 $39.47
  5. Granite Sealer Gallon
    Granite & Stone Sealer - Refill Size

    Protect your stone countertop with our professional-quality granite & stone sealer. The gallon size is perfect for refills, professional applications or covering large countertops.

    79.99 $79.99
  6. Granite Countertop Care Essentials
    Granite Countertop Care Essentials

    Perfect for regular cleaning and sealing of your granite countertops. 

    35 $35.00 Regular Price 36.47 $36.47
  7. Pristine Stone Countertop Kit
    Pristine Stone Countertop Kit

    This is a do-it-all kit for sealing, cleaning and polishing. Perfect for adding that extra shine to your countertops.

    38.98 $38.98 Regular Price 41.46 $41.46
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